Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to shop and as I don’t have any daughters, I am training my son’s to enjoy it too (whether they like it or not!).

We love a good ‘mooch’ around the shops especially when we are not under any pressure. So we have a deal – if I can go in a few girly shops, they get to shop in their favourite shops too.

We take it in turns, a geeky game shop, a dress boutique, rock music shop.. you get the idea.

So there’s no pressure to actually buy but as a marketer and a sales man’s dream punter (or so my hubby says!) I am open to being tempted and charmed into a purchase (or 3).

After a recent shopping trip with the boys I reflected on how passionate (or lack lustre) some of the shop assistants were in the store. I was pleasantly surprised by the time taken by some of the staff to talk to us and share their knowledge and tips compared to those that had a ‘couldn’t be bothered’ attitude and who treated you as a pain and interruption to their chat to a colleague about their boyfriend or texting.

In Games Workshop, the store manager talked to us about what Warhammer kits were available only after he’d let my lads paint a figure each and talked to us about his passion (Warhammer). We left the store £50 lighter but happy.

On the flip side – a nice boutique I visited had some lovely gifts and when I asked the assistant to tell me more about one of the products she just shrugged her shoulders and returned to her mobile screen! I left the shop pretty soon after…

Businesses who employ staff who love their products, are passionate and who share their values are in turn more successful.

Its tough running a business in today’s climate – things are changing, people’s buying habits are changing – Why do I go to Waterstones when I could just order from Amazon? I go because I want to talk to a real person, who can tell me what my friend’s 9 year old son will love to read because they have read it or know someone who has. They love books and they show it. I don’t get that on Amazon.

So when you are hiring, look for that passion, ask yourself – could they learn how to do that job if they love what you do and share your values? Do they understand your mission? Do they want to be part of something they love? It’s not just about a swap of skills for money. Passion can’t be faked or bought – it is something so deep routed that it’s almost a calling that gets you through that 6am Monday morning alarm clock, those late nights and a minimum wage.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear them…