So I’ve just returned from my BIO Networking event and whilst I listened to our members and guests doing their 30 seconds pitch, I decided to do something a bit different.


My mind wandered for a moment to the night ahead and the England match that I am looking forward to watching with Mr Passion at the local. It got me thinking… (Scary I know).

Marketing success is a bit like football. So I introduced myself as the female version of ‘Roy Hodgson’ (aka England’s Coach). I imagine that Roy has talked to the team about having a great Vision, a well thought-out Strategy, and a kick-ass plan with an end ‘goal’ in mind? I also hope he’s getting the team in the right mind set and he’s thoroughly researched the Slovakians and figured out how to beat them. (Well let’s hope so eh?).


So you see tonight’s match it’s just like your marketing. When you have the right Vision, Strategy and plan in place, you’ve looked at your competitors and figured out how you can beat them, you just need the right team in place and hey presto!

Simple eh? Well OK perhaps you need a ‘Roy’ on your side to get things ready for a cracking tournament.


Here’s to a good result tonight and a win for you and your team.

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